Our mission is to empower others to take control of their happiness

Calmingstone strives to create beautiful product experiences that allow people from all walks of life to find a sense of peace.

A short history 

Calmingstone was created after co-founder and industrial designer Ramon Telfer was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks and realised there were no helpful, tangible products on the market. After developing coping strategies with his partner and co-founder, Alex Johnson, Calmingstone was born. 

Ramon Telfer


I can safely say after 6 years of anxiety and panic attacks things do get tough. During 2014 I was struck with an idea to combine my industrial design background with my personal experiences in mental health to create something special. Stress is very real and life is a fully tactile, sensory experience. We have created and evolved our learnings into a beautiful, intimate product that anyone can hold, feel and engage with.

Alex Johnson


From my background in Karate and the arts, I have developed a passion for mindfulness and meditation. I have learnt that the breath is a window into our emotions and plays an important role in our happiness. When we learn to control our breathing we enable the mind to take control of how we think, feel and engage with our everyday lives. So with happiness as our goal, we are motivated to design creative solutions to empower happiness and to encourage the mental health dialogue on a global scale.

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