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Our purpose is simple, we want to make controlling panic attacks easier. After hundreds of prototypes and user tests, we're proud to introduce the Calmingstone Pulse. A beautiful anxiety relief device, specifically designed to guide you into a state of calm.

Five minutes of freedom

Backed by science

Science shows that specific deep breathing methods dramatically relieve feelings of anxiety. The Calmingstone makes these breathing methods simple by giving you a physical guide to focus on when experiencing panic attacks and anxiety. The perfect combination of proven science and intuitive design.



panic attacks

Breathe to the pulse of the Calmingstone in moments of panic. Take your mind away from rushing thoughts.

A window into how you're feeling

When you feel overwhelmed your breathing and heart rate move at a faster pace. The Calmingstone makes slowing down your heart rate easier in moments of stress.

Responsive heart rate sensor

The Calmingstone's custom sensors activate a unique glow and pulse sensation. As you control your breath and heart rate, the Calmingstone responds with soothing live feedback.

"The Calmingstone gives an instant experience of calm."

The perfect fit


Ergonomically designed

Inspired by the beautiful curves in nature, the Calmingstone's ergonomic design allows for the perfect fit in the palm of your hand. 

Activated by touch

Creating an intuitive calming experience is at the core of our beliefs. That's why we have used capacitive touch technology to activate the Calmingstone when your hand is sensed. No buttons needed.

Designed from personal experience 

After dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for 7 years, Ramon Telfer teamed up with Alex Johnson to turn their experiences into a revolutionary device.

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